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Our Work

  • Education: A quality education is vital to improving the futures of impoverished children. Le Pélican offers grades 1- 6 using a curriculum of local textbooks.  In addition to basic subjects, Le Pelican offers English lessons. Special classes are offered to young women in the community.
  • Recreation: Most of the children who come to our center must work to help support their families. As a result, they have had few opportunities for recreational play or sports. Believing leisure time activities are vital for healthy childhood development, recreation is scheduled into each day.  Students enjoy outdoor playground equipment, toys and games.
  • Nourishing Meals: Many of the children coming to Le Pélican are malnourished.  Students are served a nutritious hot meal each day consisting of hot rice topped with an in-season vegetable stew.  Slices of bread prepared by Le Pélican's bakery or locally baked naan supplement the meal.
  • Vocational Training: In addition to a basic education, Le Pelican currently offers training in French style baking, tailoring, and cake baking.  This enables the older children to develop marketable skills that will help them earn a living in the future.

The work of Le Pélican is to care for impoverished children and young adults in Afghanistan. We provide this care in ways that strengthen them physically, emotionally and mentally, giving them hope for a better future.