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The Bakery


Jacques built a state of the art bakery on the grounds of the Le Pélican center to use in training older students French baking skills.  Working hard to teach them the disciplines needed to be a successful baker -- early rising, hygiene and consistent quality of work -- he developed a team that prepared croissants, baguettes, cookies and other baked goods for sale.  Their reputation spread throughout the expatriot community until orders were coming in from foreign embassies, companies and restaurants, in addition to orders from individuals.

In 2008, Le Pelican opened the Pélican Café at a central location in Kabul.  Le Pélican apprentices prepared a menu of delicious and lunch items which patrons enjoyed in the sunny dining spaces or in the garden during the summer months.  Le Pélican students were trained as waiters.  The Pélican Café was busy every day but especially on weekends, when it could be difficult to find a seat.  Le Pélican students working at the café were able to earn good salaries to take home for their families and profits from the Café went back into supporting the work of Le Pélican centers.

Unfortunately, security threats against restaurants where foreigners gathered necessitated the closing of the Pélican Café in 2010.  However, Le Pélican opened a storefront from which to sell their baked goods.

In 2013, when Jacques became ill and passed away, the bakery closed.  It remained closed until 2017 when one of the young boys trained by Jacques returned to Le Pélican and restarted the bakery.  Now a young man, he remembers everything Jacques taught him and the Pélican Bakery is again filled with the delicious croissants, chocolate croissants and baguettes.  Orders from various embassies are again pouring in with most willing to pay an extra fee to have their orders delivered.

Le Pélican hopes to find an experienced professional baker to come and teach our young Afghan baker new recipes.  He will soon be taking on apprentices of his own to teach the lessons he was taught to a new generation of Pélican students.